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Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training is a training methodology that uses experiential outdoor activities as a fun and challenging catalyst to facilitate adult learning.

Outdoor Training programs are based on the sequence:

  • Confront learning situations with a high personal impact.
  • Share with other members of the team experiences and feelings.
  • Critical common reflection on the experience.
  • Generalization and modeling of behaviors to facilitate their adaptation to the day to day of participants.


The active methodology proposed through the Outdoor Training encourages the active participation of people and facilitates the appropriation of the behaviors experienced in a stimulating context that implies all elements of reality in the business world today: Highly demanding objectives, high level of uncertainty in the environment, scarce resources, need to overcome communication barriers and to align the energies of the group to respond to the different challenges, creativity and initiative to solve the problems out of the participants´ comfort zone, etc.

This methodology is particularly adequate for different purposes:

  • To enhance natural teams performance.
  • To strengthen the individual skills and leadership through self-discovery and personal growth.
  • To foster integration and mutual knowledge a newly formed project team.
  • To overcome barriers between different departments, enhancing mutual awareness and commitment among participants from different functional areas within the company, strengthening their ties and their mutual dependence, etc.